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About - The Starletts


are a dynamic duo taking live vocal performances to a whole new level.

Watch out!!

These girls really know how to rock the house ! "

Long time best friends Miss Diamond and Wiveca finally decided to join forces and give the nightlife something it's been missing; a hot female vocal duo that can truly deliver! With their unique sense of style and original concept they never disappoint.


The STARLETTS love to sing classic house, disco and soulful vibes with their own individual flair, "tight" vocals, "tight" choreography and of course "tight" costumes!!

Miss Diamond and Wiveca started performing together at a private members club in Athens, Greece, in the beginning of 2015. Bringing a wealth of experience from years of working in "da biz" it was only a matter of time before The STARLETTS were born. With a host of bookings from afar afield as Egypt, it soon became obvious they were on to a sure thing. 

The STARLETTS debut track 'On His Mind' will be released on legendary NYC Dj/producer Lenny Fontana's label, Karmic Power Records, on November 4th, 2016.

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